The company

Implenia is the leading construction and construction services company in Switzerland. With its integrated business model and comprehensive portfolio of products and services, Implenia can manage a building project through its entire lifecycle and deliver work that is economical, integrated and customer-centric. The focus is on striking a sustainable balance between financial success and social and environmental responsibility.

1.1Implenia at a glance

Implenia is the leading construction and construction services company in Switzerland. With its integrated business model and comprehensive portfolio of products and services, Implenia can manage a building project through its entire lifecycle and deliver work that is economical, integrated and customer-centric. The focus is on striking a sustainable balance between financial success and social and environmental responsibility.

Formed in 2006 from the merger between Zschokke and Batigroup, Implenia can look back on around 150 years of history in the construction industry. Experience, know-how, size and financial strength allow the company to offer its services throughout Switzerland and, in selected disciplines, internationally. All of the Group’s collected capabilities and capacities can be made available for challenging real estate and infrastructure projects. Backed by Technical Support and the centralised group functions provided by the Corporate Center, Implenia brings together the know-how of the following operational Business Units:

    • Implenia Modernisation & Development is a one-stop-shop that brings together the Group’s entire expertise in modernisation and real estate project development. The Business Unit now also includes the Wooden Construction and Engineering businesses. In the Development business, Implenia can apply its expertise all the way through from the initial project idea to the finished property.
    • Implenia Buildings offers its supra-regional customers integrated services for complex buildings, ranging from planning and coordination to the actual construction.
    • Implenia Tunnelling & Civil Engineering bundles the Group’s collective expertise and experience in underground construction, bridge building, power stations, foundation engineering and infrastructure renewal. 
    • Implenia Construction German-speaking Switzerland and Implenia Construction French-speaking Switzerland are the face of Implenia in local markets for road construction, civil engineering and regional building construction.
    • Implenia Norge provides services for complex infrastructure projects in Norway and other Scandinavian markets.

    Implenia is Switzerland’s market leader in the buildings and civil engineering sectors. Implenia’s head office is in Dietlikon near Zurich, and it has approximately 100 branches throughout Switzerland, as well as representative offices in Germany, Bahrain, Ivory Coast, Mali, Norway, Austria and Sweden. The Group currently employs more than 6900 people and in 2013 generated turnover of around CHF 3.1 billion. Implenia is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (IMPN, CH0023868554).

    Implenia’s Group Executive Board

    As part of the new organisational structure introduced at Implenia Group at the start of February 2013, the Executive Committee was replaced as the most senior operational management body by the Group Executive Board. The Group Executive Board consists of the CEO, the CFO / Head of Corporate Center, and the Business Unit Heads  (see all Organisational structure 1.3).

    Anton Affentranger
    Beat Fellmann
    CFO / Corporate Center
    Christof Gämperle
    Construction German-
    speaking Switzerland
    Arturo Henniger 2
    Tunnelling &
    Civil Engineering
    André Métral
    Construction French-
    speaking Switzerland
    Petter Vistnes
    Stephan Wüstemann1
    René Zahnd1
    Modernisation &

    1     On 1 February 2014, René Zahnd, previously Head of the Buildings Business Unit, became Head of the Modernisation & Development Business Unit. Former Business Unit Head Reimer Siegert left the Group Executive Board on 31 January 2014. Stephan Wüstemann, previously number two at the Buildings Business Unit, took over as the new Head of Buildings on 1 February 2014 and thus also joined the Group Executive Board of Implenia.

    2    Arturo Henniger died as a result of illness on 6 August 2014. René Kotacka, formerly Head of Tunnelling & Civil Engineering Acquisitions, has taken charge of the Business Unit on an interim basis.

    1.2Into the future with a clear vision

    Implenia has a vision that encapsulates its ambitions as a leading sustainable construction and construction services company operating on the national and international stage:

    We are developing and building the Switzerland of tomorrow.

    We are establishing ourselves as an expert for complex international infrastructure projects.

    Sustainability is our passion.

    We are the preferred partner for customers and employees.

    1.3Built on shared values

    The vision will only be fulfilled if all employees are pulling in the same direction. This requires everyone to think and act in line with a common set of values. Implenia has formulated principles that form the foundations of its corporate culture and that everyone in the Group is expected to live up to, actively and consistently. These shared values make Implenia strong.

    We are reliable. Implenia keeps its promises, which makes it a reliable partner. We demand and promote sustainability. Implenia shows responsibility in the way it treats the environment, society and itself. We have integrity. Implenia conducts itself properly in accordance with laws, internal regulations and ethical standards. We are aware of opportunities and risks. Implenia is entrepreneurial in the way that it acts, i.e. it seizes opportunities and minimises risks. We are transparent. Implenia is honest and has nothing to hide. Its stakeholders can understand the reasons for its decisions. We demand operational and financial excellence of ourselves. Implenia strives to deliver top operational and financial performance. We focus on solutions and customers. Implenia puts its customers’ requirements and added value first. We are innovative. Implenia constantly improves its range of services, responds quickly and never stops developing.

    1.4Board of Directors

    The composition of Implenia Ltd.’s Board of Directors changed during the period under review. Toni Wicki and Philippe Zoelly did not make themselves available for re-election at the Annual General Meeting of 4 April 2012. One year later, Board Members Moritz Leuenberger and Theophil Schlatter decided not to make themselves available for re-election. The Annual General Meeting of 27 March 2013 elected Hubert Achermann, Chantal Balet Emery, Calvin Grieder and Sarah Springman as new Members of the Board of Directors. Including Chairman of the Board of Directors Markus Dennler, Vice Chairman of the Board Hans-Beat Gürtler and Patrick Hünerwadel, this means the Board has seven members.

    None of the Members of the Board of Directors performs an operational management role for Implenia or any of its group companies. Neither has any Member of the Board of Directors been part of the Executive Board / Group Executive Board of Implenia Ltd. or any Group company during the last three years. No Member has any significant business relationship with the Implenia Group.

    1.5Sustainability Committee

    Implenia’s Sustainability Committee consists of at least two Members of the Board of Directors. It helps the Board of Directors and Group Executive Board to set the sustainability strategy.

    The Board’s Sustainability Committee currently has the following members:

    • Sarah Springman (Member of the Board of Directors, Committee Chair)
    • Chantal Balet Emery (Member of the Board of Directors)
    • Patrick Hünerwadel (Member of the Board of Directors)

    The operational Sustainability Committee currently has the following members:

    • Anton Affentranger (CEO)
    • Jörg Kaiser (Head of Technical Support)
    • Markus Koschenz (Head of Engineering)
    • Andreas Pfeiffer (Head of Sustainability)

    1.6The Sustainability Strategy

    Significance of the construction industry
    The construction industry has a substantial impact on Switzerland’s sustainable development, because its work is concerned not only with economic value creation, but with society and the environment.

    Potential in all areas

    There are major challenges to be faced in all three areas, so there is great potential for the construction industry and Implenia. Implenia wants to exploit this potential and make an active contribution to finding solutions.

    Seeking balanced solutions

    For Implenia, being sustainable means combining economic performance with social responsibility and protecting the environment. This requires comprehensive, interdisciplinary solutions rather than piecemeal gestures, and Implenia is determined to utilise the whole Group’s know-how to achieve these solutions. Being sustainable means being fit for the future. We can do this most effectively in our core business of sustainable construction, because this is where the effects and our influence are strongest.

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