Dear Readers

Megatrends, such as mobility, the energy transition, urban sprawl and resource shortages, demand sustainable responses. At the same time we know that Implenia, through all its activities, has an enormous influence on the economy, environment and society. We take the responsibilities this implies very seriously.

We are very pleased, therefore, to present our third Sustainability Report, which documents the targets we have set, the measures we have taken, and the progress we have achieved. The report, which is published exclusively online, follows the new GRI guidelines.

Among other things, this required us to define the content of the report together with stakeholders. And that is precisely what we have done. Implenia has engaged intensively with sustainability issues since 2009, and has made sustainability a core part of its vision and strategy; but we felt it was time to review our direction of travel and see what some key external groups thought we ought to be doing.

So at the end of 2015, we carried out a broad-based round of discussions with stakeholders. This dialogue has helped us realign our sustainability strategy, and I was really pleased with the substantive, open and sometimes critical input we received from internal and external participants. I firmly believe that their contribution will help us progress. We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the process.

In conclusion, the many concrete results we have achieved make us optimistic; but we still haven’t met our targets in a lot of areas. Reason enough for us to keep working hard, with belief and passion, on the relevant issues.

Many thanks for your own continued commitment to sustainability. 

Anton Affentranger