“Our ambitions and commitment to sustainability are reflected in the new goals we have set for the coming period.”

Since we published our first Sustainability Report two years ago, the Swiss construction industry has built around 90,000 new homes, representing approximately 120 million francs of investment. The industry employs 330,000 employees and contributes enormously to Switzerland’s prosperity. Construction activities also account for around 30% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, 40% of its energy consumption, and around half of the waste it generates.

A significant proportion of all these figures can be attributed to Implenia. We have always been aware that our activities have an impact on the environment, society and the economy, which is why we have worked hard in recent years to keep improving our sustainability.

  • Our portfolio of sustainable products and services has grown and established itself on the market.
  • We have become a more attractive employer.
  • We have used various measures to make everyone in our organisation aware of the importance of an environmentally friendly approach. During the reporting period we systematically recorded our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions for the first time, so we are able to report on this for the first time in this Sustainability Report.
  • In keeping with our position as market leader, we have expanded our social engagement and highlighted the subject of compliance.
  • Ultimately our philosophy of financial excellence has produced first-class results.

However, we have not achieved all our goals over these last two years. We are not satisfied with our results in the key area of health and safety, so have taken comprehensive measures and set ambitious goals here. We also believe we can and must mobilise our organisation and all our stakeholders even more effectively in the service of our sustainability strategy.

Our ambitions and commitment to sustainability are reflected in the new goals we have set for the coming period. These emphasise measurability and feasibility.

We aim to fulfil our responsibilities in full and to keep working on the sustainability of our activities. This is the only way we as a company – and as a society and as individuals – can have a successful future.

Anton Affentranger

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